Recently I posted an article on the Five Things the Pokémon GO Shop Needs, but after polling some players, I’ve compiled a list of five more things that could be added to the Pokémon GO Shop. 

  1. X Attack and Friends

Things like X Attack and X Defense boost the mentioned stat during battle. What if there were icons on the side of the screen during the battle that you could tap to activate one of these items? It could add a much-needed boost to the battle experience. Or one could simply invest in these Pokemon go account for sale for a seamless Pokemon Go experience. 

  1. Evolution Stones

What if you could purchase stones to help evolve rare Pokémon that you can’t really find in your area? You would only be able to purchase them, getting them from Poké Stops might prove to be a little easy. Each stone could evolve the Pokémon of its type (Moon Stone for Fairy, Leaf Stone for Grass, etc.). I’m not the biggest fan of the idea, but it could be pretty helpful when more generations of Pokémon are added to the game and it becomes harder to find hundreds of Pokémon.

  1. Revives

For the love of Arceus, put some Revives in the Shop. What is the point of all my options if I can’t revive my Pokémon? Revives should already be in the shop if you ask me, but I won’t hold my breath for the update.

  1. Protein and Pals

Items like Protein and Zinc permanently boost stats in the other Pokémon games, so why not Pokémon GO? It would be helpful for the more hardcore players.

  1. A New Name

Seriously, why is the Shop NOT called the Poké Mart? It seems like such an obvious and simple idea. We have had Poké Marts since the 90’s people! This isn’t really a big deal at all, it would just make Pokémon GO feel more like the Pokémon games many of us grew up playing.