5 Most Haunted Places in Texas – How to enjoy there?

When you are in one of the largest states in the US, you can be sure that there is going to be no shortage of interesting places to visit. Texas has many places which are considered spooky and ghostly. From schools to libraries to theatres and more, Texas will surely satisfy your hunger for suspense and horror.

This is a 19th-century construction where the family of a former El Paso mayor used to live. Several members of his family are said to still inhibit the home as ghosts. Sometimes they are seen operating doors and lights, sometimes they are seen rocking chairs. Visitors to this place have also talked about feeling shoulder taps. Cold winds too are rumored to be blowing here but it is not known as to whether they are really ghostly in nature or just a natural occurrence

A theatre is often a good place for spooks to live, there are large halls, corridors, lights and sounds which can really send shivers down your spine, and Plaza Theatre is no exception to this. Ghostly figures, shadows and many other paranormal experiences have been seen by witnesses. On top of that, the wood used in the construction really makes sounds scary.

When the name of a place itself includes the word ‘Haunted’, you can imagine how scary it must be. Plenty of terrifying experiences happen here. Sometimes the stalls in restrooms keep slamming on their own, sometimes the security alarms go off for no apparent reason, sometimes weird objects get captured on the security cameras, etc. Even the power supply often gets disrupted sometimes for no obvious reason. This place used to be called as the Hill School of Grapevine before they finally stopped operations in 2013. It had undergone extensive remodeling prior to that. First, the exterior was remodeled and then the interior. It is a relatively new building but has become like a home for many ghosts now. For increased enjoyment and fun, the traveling to the haunted places should be excellent. The hiring of the best services should be there for a wonderful experience. A visit can be made at https://www.leiebilnord.no/ site as there is availability of different companies to get the desired results. 

A library can be best visualized as a collection of narrow corridors full of tall racks of books. That makes it a suitable place for ghostly figures to lurk. The surprising fact about this library is that it used to be a grocery store many decades ago. People have observed lights suddenly going off and on at night and some have even seen books fall from the racks on their own. It is believed that the ghosts who stay here are nothing but the souls of those who originally built the building.

Usually when one talks of hotels, it is the guests who often report creepy experiences but Southwind Inn is different. Even the staff members of this hotel have experienced seeing ghostly figures at this Inn. These ghosts are sometimes in the form of small kids, sometimes they are in the form of an elderly woman. The incidence of such figures is higher on the third floor of the inn.