7 Non-Social Media Factors That Affect Your Social Media Marketing

There are numerous lists online telling you why your social media efforts aren’t working. However, they all tend to focus on what you should be changing in social media, without giving much thought to how a business operates offline. The truth is, even with the best social media strategy, the most knowledgeable social media expert and the biggest social media budget, your social media efforts will bear very little results if your offline business isn’t up to standard. Here are some of the ways your offline business may impact online results.

Let’s face it:

no amount of marketing will ever fix a bad product. An average product may slide under the radar with exceptional marketing but if it’s bad and the public knows, you’re out of luck. The best advice you can get here is to fix the problems before taking it to social media because even worse than your customers knowing, is your customers telling everyone they know and everyone considering your product.

You can have a good product but if your customer service isn’t very good, this is also something that persons will avoid, online and offline. Fans of Seinfeld may know about the Soup Nazi, a man whose rudeness and dismissive attitude only makes people want to buy his soup even more! Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work like TV shows do. Businesses that treat their customers poorly get talked about for all the wrong reason and often get abandoned sooner or later.

Your employees don’t believe in your product

Employees can be your most valuable assets or the colelctive group that sinks your company into the group. You may not care too much about your employees liking the company they work for or the products they sell but think about it this way. If you were considering buying from a company and all the employees who you knew there constantly complained on their personal social media accounts about poor working conditions or dislike for the product (of which the sales pay their salary), wouldn’t you think twice about it?

You do no other marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t work on its own. It needs to be complemented by the marketing activities you do offline. More importantly, they must be integrated. If a customer gets amazing service in your brick-and-mortar business yet gets crappy service online, or vice versa, they won’t be very happy about it. Consider what efforts to you can take to make sure that your brand and service is consistent across all areas in which you operate.

You may be doing great on social media, capturing a lot of attention and getting numerous leads but if you run a brick and mortar store, location is a key factor you have to consider. You should also buy real Instagram followers for business especially if you are having a hard time to grow your following on Instagram. This will help you to easily grow your profile and network which will soon result to more customers and sales.

Getting a bit personal, there’s the one restaurant/jewelry store in Downtown, Kingston, Jamaica that I’ve always wanted to visit because people talk a lot about it and it sounds great. There’s just one problem: when I was 11, I got grazed by a gunshot very near to there and I vowed never to return to that spot until it was absolutely necessary.

Surely not everyone has a trauma story like this, but there are some locations people don’t like to go out of fear, inconvenience or some other factor. As my grandmother used to say, ‘The heart is willing, but the flesh is weak.’

Hiring contractors and not paying them? Not paying your taxes? Dumping chemicals where you shouldn’t? Even if these are not publicized in the press, news has a way of travelling like a bad scent on a summer day. Persons who know about these things will tell others and soon people will be very wary of any affiliation to your business. Even if you put on a good face, there’s always that blemish that will forever shine through.

This could be a result of any of the above factors. For some reason, you got caught in some news scandal, but it’s over now so it’s back to business as usual, right? Wrong. When businesses become a news headline because of something bad, especially if they weren’t well known before, that usually becomes ‘the thing’ people know them for. First impressions last a lifetime. So when you set up your Facebook page and potential fans come across it, instead of seeing ‘the new and improved…’, they still see ‘that business that was in news because they…’ Short of re-branding or doing a massive image transformation campaign, it’s going to be tough to get over that.

There is no way you are going to know if your business is successful or if your efforts are working if you don’t have plan and you’re not measuring your achievements against that plan every step of the way. This is a step most people tend to ignore, but when starting to use social media for business, it is always good to establish the business goals that you wish to attain through using social media. Then, and only then, will you know if your efforts are actually having any business impact.

Do you know any other things businesses do offline than can impact their online activity? Have any of these reasons made you not connect with a brand on social media?