A Good Bankruptcy Attorney Can Protect Your Assets

For those of you who have never had the “pleasure” of knowing what it’s like to be in a crushing amount of debt, allow me to illuminate the matter for you and explain what a day in the life of a person on the brink of bankruptcy looks like:

First off, I should recognize that this is based off of my personal experience from back when I was in my early to mid twenties and the thought of hiring a bankruptcy attorney to help settle my hash was out of the question. At that time I was borrowing money from one credit card to pay for another and I had a rotating schedule on which bills I was late on, which ones I had just been late on and which ones I planned to pay late that month. It was a terrible cycle that took me years and years to get out of and even then I was only saved by the guidance of a lawyer. It’s a terrible thing to feel the weight of your past debts heavy on your shoulder every day. Life is stressful and you wonder how you will put food on your table or clothes on your back.

In addition to the internal stress that you feel as you try to provide for yourself there are external forces that are pressing even more. Creditors start to call you one by one and before you know it you are fielding calls nearly every day or even several times a day for bills that you simply cannot pay. Of course without the legal protection that a bankruptcy lawyer provides, you are open to calls from anyone and everyone and there is little you can do about their predatory behavior. Creditors and debt collectors get paid bonuses when people they call end up giving them money. Even if it is only a portion of the money they are owed it is still a huge incentive for them. That is why when a creditor calls to harass you they are extremely persistent and they can even become aggressive towards you. 

If only I had known at the time how helpful a bankruptcy lawyer san diego would have been I would have hired one in a heartbeat. However, as is the nature of someone in a heap of debt, I didn’t always make sound financial choices. A little research in the field would have also told me that I could have taken that lawyer and took him/her to creditor meetings where we could have settled things in person. A friend of mine suggested that I call the Bankruptcy Law Professionals of Colorado because they were a trusted and very experienced bankruptcy law firm in the city. As it turns out, they are not only one of the best, they are THE best bankruptcy lawyers in Denver! They were so much more than just a law firm to me because they helped guide me through that whole terrible and embarrassing process and helped me become the stable person I am today.