AIT Nord- Heat Solution

It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you’re living in because you’re bound to experience the worst of seasons wherever you are be it summer or winter. Many people consider the summer heat wave to be much more cruel and intolerable than the freezing winters.

We are in the month of peak summer season following which we’ll experience the cool monsoon but we do have a whole month with s before summer season ends for the year and needs an urgent solution.

How many people have a heat pump? Or rather, how many have even heard of it? While there are many that may have seen it but hardly anyone can talk about it in detail.  It is a device through which you can transfer thermal energy from one enclosed space to another or even outdoors.

Anyone living in a building or condo would know that thermal energy needs to be transferred from the outside and into the whole structure but it can work both ways because a heat pump can also work as an air conditioner by transferring heat outside the building to give a cooling effect inside the house.

Brief Summary

The concept of maaküte can take a long time to discuss we’ll talk about the best heat pump available like Alfa Infotek V-Line manufactured by AIT Nord that has a power range of 1.2 to 1.09 KW, the widest in the market without competition.

It is perfect for both heating and cooling the building and outside because it is an inverter ground source heat pump that comes with an inverter technology that can heat and cool from one particular center place.

AIT Nord is based in Estonia and has spread its wings throughout Europe while making great inroads into US and Canada where many people have appreciated the power of their heat pumps and expressed their gratitude to the company in the form of online reviews.