Choosing The Right Paving Stone For Your Garden

Paving stones form an integral part of your landscape. The size, the material, your budget and other factors contribute to the kind of paving stones you choose. As far as landscaping ideas are concerned, there is no right or wrong idea. You have to experiment and make it work. In the process of experimentation, we sometimes tend to overdo it or make a costly mistake. To avoid such a situation, here are a few tips and tricks for choosing a suitable paving stone.


Tänavakivi is a popular choice and features in several landscaping ideas. You can choose from different colours of cobbles and form beautiful patterns with them. Cobblestones are delicate. Therefore, select this material only if you are not going to drive on it and move any harsh machinery around.

Stepping stones

Stepping stones are yet another exciting landscape idea. You can form paths with stepping stones and even border plants with it. Stepping stones prevent the lawn from getting ruined due to footsteps.


Paving blocks are similar to that of stones you find on pavements. They are small but strong. They have enough thickness to support the weight. Paving blocks are used to pave gardens and the adjoining driveway if any.


Gravel is a good choice for paving if you are on a budget. Gravel pathways blend in with the natural look of your garden. To avoid footing issues, select sharp, angular gravel so that it does not shift.

Apart from the materials listed above, you have many more options to choose from – slate, sandstone, granite and so on. Each material has a different level of durability, its advantages and disadvantages. Based on the area of coverage in your garden, your budget and other requirements, you can choose a suitable material.