Dress Your Dog For Success With Jewelry Dog Collars

One thing small dogs have over larger dogs is, they get to wear jewelry dog collars with style.

Let me further explain this statement. There are a few bigger dog breeds, like Afghan Hound, Standard Poodle, Saluki, Dalmatian and Whippet; might be able to wear jewelry dog collars elegantly as they tend to have the “softer” appearance.

Whether it is a Dalmatian or a basset hound, they would definitely like dog collars embedded with jewels, which is why they are a fashion statement in North America where elite families always try out the choicest jewelry collars they can find for their pets and Labradors look quite chic when they have it wrapped around their neck and the reputed discovermagazine published an article about the same on how such embedded collars went well with the royal personality of certain canine breeds.

Now try to image a Mastiff or Boxer wearing Faux Fur dog collars? See what I mean? Maybe a Faux Leather or Bling Bling dog collar. Fancy rhinestones, pearls and any costume jewelry for dogs are definitely overkilled.

All dogs (big or small) know that they are often viewed by their owners as if they were children. Great care is taken, making sure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather and for social events.

Surveys show that 86% of dog owners admit in adoring their dogs with scarves or ribbons. 62% of the dog owners admit that their dog owns a sweater, winter coat or raincoat (some own all three).As for dress-up times, 23% of owners say that they own a fancy leash or collar with jewels, sparkles or fancy embroidery, while 6% of dog owners say that they have occasionally put other sort of jewellery on their dogs.

All I hope is that those dog owners don’t go overboard and do some piercing in any part of their dogs’ bodies. It doesn’t matter what the fashion statement is, it’s no fun if they catch some skin infection due to chemical allergy.

BTW, have you seen Ms Oprah Winfrey’s Black Cocker Spaniel wearing a pearl necklace? I can’t deny how gorgeous Sophie looked wearing it especially the contrast against her luscious black furry coat. Either way you look at it, they both accentuate their fine quality.

Can you imagine how hip your tiny pooch will look with personalized jewelry dog collars?

I’m not talking about any ordinary fancy dog collars but collars with rhinestones and/or customised dog names on them. With hip hop fashion getting so much attention lately, there are even bling bling dog collars just to match human accessories. Speaking of fashion statement, this will certainly have some heads spinning.

Isn’t it so cool to walk down the street with your dog wearing his very own customized jewelry dog collar?

Personalized Rhinestone Slide Letter Dog Collars, is one of my personal favourites when jewelry dog collars are concern. You get to pick the name, phrase, initials, or charms for your dog’s collar. So cute, so sparkly, so Hollywood!

And if you want to tone down a little for daily day wear, try one of their Designer Dog Collars – Faux Lizard Pet Collar with Swarovski Crystal Buckle.

Or you may like to choose from their vast pet collar selections here. Most importantly, don’t forget to check out their latest one on Celltei Celebrity Pet Collar and Lead Set with Rhinestone Watch.

Doesn’t matter which category you choose from, they all make great gifts for dog lovers. You can’t go very wrong with this gift if you know the name of your friend’s dog and its size.