Everything To Know About The Watergardens At Canberra Showflat 

Located by the Canberra drive, The Watergardens at Canberra is also quite close to Sembawang Springs and Canberra Vista; the watergardens at canberra showflat are still under construction and are likely to be completed by 2021. To know how far the construction has progressed further, you can register online. After the registration, you will be regularly updated about the progress of the construction work. This Watergarden showflat is a Condominium that looks very much like a resort. 

Structuring of the Watergarden 

The structuring of the Watergarden Condominiums everywhere is unique and different from other condominium structures. This structure offers a luxurious and interesting living. It features gorgeous vistas, lush landscaping, and fountains. Therefore, a Watergarden Condominium is considered more of a lifestyle than just a private home. 

This beautifully designed residential structure interwoven with several green gardens and even plenty of water features surrounding the beautifully landscaped gardens. The Watergarden at Canberra is certainly one of the most exceptional residential structurings. It offers the residents the most ultimate feeling of a resort garden. In addition, it has a low-rise structure that can be quite ideal for giving the residents a lovely resort feeling. These attractive features of this UOL establishment are towards making it a great project. 

Areas surrounding Watergardens At Canberra

It is a five-story residential building located right along Canberra drive. This residential development is a plan made by the United Venture Development Private Limited. This venture is a collaboration of Kheng Leong Company, United Industrial Corporation, and the UOL group. Previously, this site was a forested land. The URA, under the program of Government Land Sales(GLS), sold this forested land. To its east, there is the Sembawang Springs and an HDB precinct. And to the west, you can find Jalan Kemuning Park. 

Sembawang Springs is one of the main attractions to be found near this residential development. This housing estate has been in this location for more than quite some time now, surrounding the Sembawang shopping centre. It is known for being a sprawling residential enclave. Thus, the watergardens at canberra showflat sort of have been acting as the transition between MRT station and HDB estate on one side and landed residential houses on the other. The Watergardens at Canberra is part of the private residential housing belt. This housing belt is low-density and low-rise in character and profile. 

Interesting features of Watergarden at Canberra

This is a new residential development that is of medium size. It is most definitely one of the most interesting additions in this neighbourhood, among other interesting landmarks. The first private house launched in this neighbourhood was almost eight years ago, and it was named the Nautical. Not many private houses have been launched since then except for the Watergarden at Canberra. The recent private houses in this neighbourhood were mostly executive condominiums. 

Thus, the Watergardens Condominium can market quite well in this neighbourhood for everyone looking for the best private residential housing. This is one of the most recent masterpiece homes of UOL and features quality residences. These beautiful quality residences are set in stunning landscaped gardens and grounds, which stand out in this neighbourhood. Most properties around this condominium have been completely sold out, such as the Principal Gardens, Botanique located in Bartley, Tre Ver near Kallang River, and others. The green lawns in this neighbourhood are also quite inviting and attractive. 

Enquire about Watergardens Showflat at Canberra!

This residential establishment is still in the process of construction. It is only after registration; people would get regular updates regarding the construction of the Watergardens at Canberra. One of the most wonderful water features of this residential condominium is a huge swimming pool. This private residential housing would have around 16 blocks and more or less about 448 units. 

There are also plenty of schools and other important buildings nearby. So, the watergardens at canberra showflat are currently up for sale for people who are eligible for them. To get to know further about the price and other amenities, people can easily inquire about it online. The inquiry procedure of this condominium in Canberra is quite easy. You can visit the online site, fill up a few details, and get your updates about the ongoing construction of Watergardens Condominium. The project will be ending soon.