Hair Straightening Flat Iron Or Brazilian Hair Treatment

Do you admire the smooth and silky straight long hair? Yes, I do love to straightening my hair to achieve such sleeking look which make me more confidence. Hair Straightening has been very popular since 80′, and till now, the advance technology make it much more easy to us than ever before.

If you have super wavy and curly hair, you might be same as most of the people who spend tons of time googling the best way to straighten your hair the faster and easy way, the miracle which can change our life. Most us are struggling for years after trying out many “treatments” which never works and yet cost us lots of money.

There are various ways to straighten your hair temporarily and permanently. Many people choose to straighten their hair with flat iron, as it will turn your hair straight immediately. But it can only temporarily straighten your hair which last about 24 hours. To make your hair straight permanently without much hassle, you can try out Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment. It fill the hair cuticle with keratin to make your hair soft and silky. Instead of ironing, you can straight the hairs with the keratin treatment. The look over the inoar keratin treatment reviews will offer the information about the treatment. The gathering of the information from the rankings and reviews will benefit for the people. The hairs are soft and silky with the treatment.

Pros & Cons of Temporary Hair Straightening – Flat Iron/Hair Iron

You can change your hair style to curly or straight whenever you want. You can only straighten your hair with flat iron before you wash and blow dry, which can cost 3 hours. Daily using the flat iron will also cause damage to your hair by the heat, it will get dry and frizzy after sometimes. Heat protective spray is advisable a must before straightening your hair.

Pros & Cons of Permanently Hair Straightening – Brazilian Hair Treatment

You can have smooth and silky hair everyday without spend time to manage your hair anymore. After the treatment, it will last about 3-6 month normally with proper care. Of course, there is a price to pay for such treatment at salon, which costs $200-300 per treatment. Considering doing it at home by yourself can save you more than $150 from it. Lastly, there are some downtime with the treatment, you can’t wash your hair for 2-3 days, but so what!!