How Can Custom Window Stickers Be Made?

The process of creating your kleebised aknale is a low-cost process that requires few materials and if one has access to a digital craft cutter then the process becomes easier. If one does not have access to a digital craft cutter then it can be purchased from local maker spaces and there are chances that they are available at reasonable prices.

For this process, some of the commonly used materials include Silhouette portrait cutter, White craft vinyl, transfer paper, X-acto knife, and digital image which is to be used as a sticker. Silhouette Studio basic is chosen because it gives a wide range of colors and prints. If one has to look for different varieties of images that have to be chosen then they can print them on single vinyl sheets. This software is free to download and one can buy the upgraded versions to work with the additional features.

The first step is to cut out the sticker that you want to print. The basic version of the software does not support scalable vector graphics so the image can be rasterized. The stickers should approximately 4 inches in size and it is an appropriate size to be printed. The image should be positioned in the required position.

After this, the actual cut lines should be identified so that the image gets traced. The threshold should be set a maximum to 100 percent and the scale should be reduced minimum to 4. The trace option should be selected and it will generate the cut lines. After this, the setup is important to bring up the setting panels. The blade depth, thickness settings, and the cutting speed are the three most important things that determine the quality of the kleebised aknale. The design should be loaded and cut from the provided carrier sheet. The media should be placed in the center of the rollers and then can be sent to the silhouette to print. After this, the finals ticker can be cut and it has the final design printed on it.