If You Are Going To Smoke, Smoke E-Cigarettes

Most smokers of traditional cigarettes often express a desire to quit but lack the willpower and resolve to follow through. This is often because they are addicted to the nicotine high they get from the cigarettes and the act of lifting a cigarette stick to their lips. More often than not, this addiction lasts a lifetime. Cigarette smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. Lung cancer is caused by carcinogens; cancer-causing agents found in regular cigarettes. Nobody wants to protract cancer and if they could do without it, most smokers would quit smoking. However, the addictions I mentioned earlier keeps pulling them back. Electronic cigarettes do not have these carcinogens in them as they have skruf snus.

Electronic cigarettes offer a safer alternative to smoking. Electronic cigarettes are devices that contain a liquid solution known as e-liquid. This e-liquid, which is put into the clearomizer of an electronic cigarette, contains nicotine and various flavorings of your choice. When the clearomizer of the electronic cigarette is heated, due to a charge supplied from the rechargeable battery of the electronic cigarette, the electronic cigarette clearomizer vaporizer this e-liquid solution and produces a vapor which when inhaled would satisfy the smoker’s craving for nicotine completely. Also, the electronic cigarette satisfies the desire to raise a ‘stick’ to one’s mouth. E-liquids for electronic cigarettes come in various flavors ranging from chocolate to fruit flavors to menthol to regular tobacco flavoring. Electronic cigarette e-liquids can also mimic your favorite regular cigarette brand.

Recently, the FDA rolled out a set of regulations for the ingredients used to make the e-liquids, adding a degree of safety to the electronic cigarette use. This would allow users of electronic cigarettes to be more confident about what they are inhaling. This is why you should buy electronic cigarettes in Canada, as these regulations are meant to protect you. Also, users of electronic cigarettes should note that the e-liquids should be kept out of reach of children, the same way as your regular cigarettes as you do not want them to be deceived by the pleasant scents of the flavoring and attempting to drink them.

Overall, electronic cigarettes are the safer alternative to smoking and if you must smoke, do try electronic cigarettes and you can be assured that you will not crave a regular cigarette again nor suffer from the unwanted side effects associated with smoking them. However, the main goal of Eco-Electronic Cigarettes is to help you quit smoking altogether so always bear that in mind and when you feel the time is right, please quit! To help you quit, you should buy electronic cigarettes in Canada and slowly wean yourself off by decreasing the nicotine in your e-liquid.

Like Alan Shihadeh, a project director at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center for the Study of Tobacco Products says; “If I was in a torture chamber and you said I had to puff on something, I’d choose an electronic cigarette over a regular cigarette, but if you said I could choose an electronic cigarette or clean air, I’d definitely choose clean air.” Choose clean air and quit smoking today.