Is There A Great Botox Alternative

Many people are concerned about lines, wrinkles, drooping of the skin on their face, and generally looking older. Everyone ages, but the skin doesn’t have to show every year. Botox hides the problem by freezing the muscles. It doesn’t prevent or treat aging skin. There are a variety of products available that can help the skin as can some simple lifestyle changes. Here are some non-Botox options. Some of these affect the skin surface, some work on the tissue underneath.

Prevention is the first step. Without prevention, any treatment will be less effective and will wear off sooner. Prevention steps are both internal and external. For internal health, eat a healthy diet. Sick skin is aging skin. Get enough sleep. Tiredness leads to tired skin, which emphasizes wrinkles and damaged skin. Drink enough water. Dehydration is very common, and the skin will sag, making wrinkles more obvious. Don’t smoke, as it ages the skin. Excessive alcohol or drug use can affect the skin, and not in a good way. Externally, sunscreen is a must. Every day, every time you go outside. Even a little sun can cause damage that ages the skin.

Toning of the facial muscles will help with drooping, but can’t do too much about lines. Some yoga postures will tone the facial muscles. Massage can increase circulation, and acupressure adherents say it can restore the proper energy flow. Some say that trying to move your face less will reduce lines. Botox paralyzes the muscles, preventing movement.

Plumpers and fillers are typically injected into or under the skin to smooth out lines and wrinkles. While considered a temporary treatment, the effects can last longer than Botox does. The old standbys are Restylane and collagen. The effects can last up to a year, although touch-ups every few months are recommended. Companies are continuing to work in the field, and are coming out with newer, better products. Some of these newer fillers are Sculptra, Artefill (acrylic), and Radiesse (calcium salt). These products are heavier than other fillers. They can last longer, but are meant for deeper wrinkles.

Topical treatments include both natural and more commercial products, and include products that remove skin cells and those that treat them. Even Botox can be applied topically! Botox applied to the surface of the skin will not be absorbed into the system. It appears to relax small muscles, such as those around the eyes, and smooths the skin.

Exfoliation can make skin look younger and more radiant. Mechanical scrubs containing sugar, salt, or ground seeds will scrub off the outer layer of dead and dry skin cells. The cells revealed underneath are younger and look younger. Exfoliation can also hydrate the skin cells underneath, plumping them so that they appear firmer. Some age spots and uneven color can also be reduced with exfoliation.

Chemical peels also remove the outer layer of skin. AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid), including lactic, hylauronic, and glycolic acids, are the basis of chemical peels and other treatments. As with scrubs, the younger skin cells revealed beneath look more youthful. In addition, wrinkles become less prominent. These treatments can firm the skin by increasing the thickness of the skin layers below the surface.

Vitamin C and retinol are also used to improve the skin’s appearance. Vitamin C is used to heal skin damaged by the sun. Retinol will reduce wrinkles, increase collagen, and can lighten age spots.

Other products act on the top layer without removing it. Topical ginseng has been shown to improve skin firmness and reduce wrinkles. Astaxanthin (from sea algae) applied topically, appears to decrease wrinkles and reduce age spots. Facial masks will hydrate the skin and plump up the wrinkles, making them less obvious.

The latest trend in skin treatments are Cosmecuticals. These are cosmetics that claim to have drug-like effects. Only a few exist currently, but more are expected to be available soon. In general, these are very expensive if thought of as cosmetics. In general, they claim to work on the skin cells themselves. Biotechnology offers Amatokin. The manufacturer claims that it affects skin stem cells, and that will improve wrinkles and tone.

Most people prefer the easy way out but the complications pertaining to Botox before and after treatment is something that most people need to be aware of because once the cosmetics don’t show the necessary results, it becomes the last resort to try out and none can understand it better than movie stars whose entire industry is based on image makeover from time to time, which keeps them relevant in public eye for which they keep reinventing themselves.

DNA Skin Optimizer is available only in Europe. The FDA has not yet approved it. Skin Optimizer targets skin cell nuclei to help them renew and divide.

If all else fails, good hair and makeup can improve appearance. A good foundation to make the skin look luminous (and younger). Keep the foundation sheer so that it doesn’t cake on. That will accentuate wrinkles. Make sure the color is the right one for your skin tone. Blend it well so that it doesn’t look like a mask. Use concealer under the eyes, and on other areas of uneven skin tone. Feather it out well so that it blends into the foundation. A circle of concealer will look worse than the original dark circles. Do not use too much concealer. A thick coat will settle into the wrinkles and actually make them look worse. Lips can thin with age. Lip liner will define a younger, wider lip- but don’t go too far. Use a good lip gloss in a matching shade. Eye makeup can highlight the eyes and make the whole face pop.

A good haircut is essential.

Keep your hair off and away from your face. Make sure your hair color is flattering. Hair needs to look shiny and healthy or it will age you. Use a good conditioner to keep it glossy.

No product (except the makeup) will work overnight. Most treatments suggest weeks or even months of use before effects can be seen. Small improvements are not noticeable immediately, but they will appear over time. For best results, use multiple products from multiple categories. Wear sunscreen with as SPF or 30. That can be combined with a moisturizer. Antioxidant serums will slow down the aging. Many contain Vitamin C, which should only be worn at night. Other antioxidants include Vitamin E, resveratrol, and even green tea. Retinol, alone or in a combination product, will smooth the skin and even out color. Ex-foliation will improve tone and color.