Learn The History Of The tombstones!

Tombstones are also known by different names like headstones or the gravestones, which came up far back from 3000 B.C. However, it took some years to become standard for various churches, yards, and cemeteries to accept this culture and tradition for their burial process. 

In order to learn about the tombstones, one has to understand their history so that you can know about the origin and the aspects which are associated with the cemetery tombstones of various places around the world. 

One can also look for the Hauapiirded of various cities or countries, which will show you that different places have different cultures and traditions to be followed in the cemetery. So, it is essential to learn about the history and culture of the tombstones in a particular manner. 

Who Invented The Tombstones?

Evidence shows that the Celtic cultures or Roman were the one of the earliest who came up with the concept of tombstones or headstones to memorialize the deceased. 

Initially, it was only used and reserved for the upper and idle classes of people, but eventually, but to protestant theology, it became more popular. It kind of became a staple for the people to perform the burial ritual of the deceased persons. 

Till the time of the 1900s, the headstones were created from the material of sandstone and the slate, which also has a lid that is used to cover the coffin. But today, different places have different rituals, and there is a number of designs and looks are available in the market. 

Thus, every religion is different as it has its own customs and practices to follow regarding the burial process. Still, one thing which is shared here is the quality in order to have respect for the mortal body by the people.