To receive a gift of flowers is nice, but very corny. For those who like to surprise, to give and receive original gifts new idea for a business: glow in the dark capacity for colors with a photograph is a really great idea and you can find more info about it here as well.

How to give a bouquet of flowers that he simultaneously caused the recipient joy, fun, and great surprise? This can be done with the help of an unusual design. Place a bouquet of flowers or potted plants in pots with a picture of the birthday boy, and a storm of emotions is guaranteed.

Photos planters is an ordinary pot with unusual decoration – the photo of the face of the bride, groom, celebrant, lover, or even the giver. Flowers act as playful hair, giving the face a funny look. To smile at the sight of such a gift is not exactly a success, in spite of our own unusual photo each morning, you can get the charge of a good mood for the whole day.

Glow in the dark photos planters

If the image of the birthday boy on the pots is too extravagant or the recipient is a supporter of conservative views, you can choose a product with neutral décor, for example, in the form of postcards. Such pots also glow in the dark, so to read the greeting before going to sleep you can, not including lamps.

A bouquet of flowers in the photo planter is a beautiful and practical gift. A birthday doesn’t have to put ugly flowers in pots or buckets if the vase will be on hand. Further pots may be used for other plants, thereby updating each time a “haircut”.

All the pots and stand roomy and stable. They will easily fit even large bouquets. This original gift will be appropriate for any occasion.

New idea for a business

Photo-planters can be not just an interesting gift, but also a matter of your entire life. Selling fancy pots – this is an unusual idea for a business. About this fresh conception today, few people know, and, therefore, the competition in this area is almost negligible. You can become a pioneer in your city!

What do you need? Rent a room in a flower shop or a Mall with an area of 2 m2 or to open your own brand store. More economical option – sell online through the online store, website, or social network. Among users, there is a strong demand for similar groups with original gifts and ideas.

By the Yandex search engine, every month is fixed more than 100 thousand requests from Internet users seeking ideas of original gifts.

What you need to open

The signature salon can be opened on the franchise. For work need a computer and a laser or inkjet printer.

The cost of the business package – 30 thousand rubles. It includes:

  • The technology of drawing images on the pots; Consumables; Advertising materials and support; Regulations; Free consultation.
  • The cost of creating a photo-planter in one instance – about 230 rubles.

Revenue calculation

You determine the photo-pots. For example, revenue from one product can be 250-300 rubles. The manufacture of one photo-planter technology takes only 10 minutes.

The minimum number of items sold per day in a large shopping center or a flower shop – 10 pieces In weekends and holidays – 30-50 PCs Daily revenue for the day can range from 2 500 to 10 000. The more outlets around the city you will discover, the greater you will get the profit.