Rapid Increase Of Divorce – Know about the reasons

Divorce had become a familiar situation nowadays not only in the United States as well as in other countries around the world. It’s no longer a surprise to hear a couple divorcing. When a married couple is confronted with extreme difficulties in their relationship and can’t solve problems, for them the ultimate remedy is to just dissolve their marriage and go on their separate lives.

In recent times, there is an increase in the divorce cases. There is a need to know the reason behind them. At the https://www.laweekly.com/vigrx-plus-review/ site, you can get to know about the best supplements for boosting the stamina. The saving of the relationship is possible for the people through it.

At present, statistics show a rapid increase in the number of couples filing for divorce. In the United States alone the divorce figure is between 45-50 percent, and that is only for first time marriages. What about the second and third marriages. According to divorce statistics, 60-70 percent of second marriages in end in divorce while 70-73 percent for third marriages.

If that is the case in the US, what about other countries? Based on the figures posted by divorcestatistics.org, the top 20 countries with highest divorce rate are shown on the table below:

Divorce Statistics Percentage Sweden 54.9 United States 54.8 Belarus 52.9 Finland 51.2 Luxembourg 47.4 Estonia 46.7 Denmark 44.5 Belgium 44.0 Austria 43.4 Czech Republic 43.3 United Kingdom 42.6 Norway 40.4 Ukraine 40.0 Iceland 39.5 Germany 39.4 Lithuania 38.9 France 38.3 Netherlands 38.3 Hungary 37.5 Canada 37.0

It is clear that the sanctity of marriage is threatened by the declining morality in our society. Marriage is no longer valued and respected. The sacred promise between a husband and wife to love each other forever has been set aside and forgotten by those who seek dissolution of their marriage. Some view marriage as a simple contract, a legal agreement which can be terminated any time if the relationship will not work.

It is a public knowledge that rampant divorces occur in the lives of well-known personalities such as the celebrities in Hollywood, sports super stars, even politicians. The latest personalities who filed for divorce are Stephanie Seymour, the former model of Victoria Secrets, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson who is married for 6 decades and golf superstar Tiger Woods. These people are popular, wealthy, and influential. They have everything but have decided to give up their marriages.

What is the reason behind every divorce? Why do husband and wife choose to give up their sacred matrimony? Generally the couple’s reason is irreconcilable indifferences but if you get to the bottom of it the primary reasons are the following: unfaithfulness or infidelity, physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, financial difficulty, and lack of communication or neglect.

Infidelity is normally committed by men…not all, some women too. Just to set an example, the defenders of public order and safety. In America, divorce among policemen is leading the figures among other professions in the country. Police officers are highly exposed to temptations, women look up to their power and fancy their macho image leading them to infidelity, tearing their marriage apart.

Physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, what do you think? Is it worth it to stay with someone you love but he or she is hurting you? Do you think this can be resolved?

What about financial difficulty, neglect and lack of communication? Do you think there is a way to overcome this situation and avoid the filing of dissolution of marriage?

These reasons are also related to the current norm in the society where couple have become allergic to getting married. Afraid of the consequences of a painful and expensive divorce, majority of couples nowadays opted to live together without any legal or spiritual binding.

The institution of marriage is confronted by so many challenges because of the deteriorating moral values of people in our society. People have already shied away from spiritual or religious practice. They are more concern in getting ahead in the rat race to earn more money, more active in the social media brought by the innovations in internet technology. Temptation is present anytime, anywhere even under your own roof. Commitment in a relationship is slowly eroding.

Family which is the most important unit in our society and the most significant part of our life is endanger because of the high incidence of divorce. Children of divorced couples are tormented and the number one victim of broken marriages. Although the number of divorces among couples with children is lower than those without kids, it is still significant. Kids are still affected and what value does divorce bring to their lives? When they grow up, how will they take their own marriage?

There are many broken homes and kids these days being raised by a single parent. Kids have been deprived of the normal family life, they we’re give no choice but to accept the reality and live with it. Divorce is a sad ending to a once happy marriage and family.