SOCIAL MEDIA For My Business? – Check the reality?

I thought it was only appropriate to open up with the topic of Social Media for Business & I also want to give you the heads up of the fact that I am not a proficient writer…I am king of the run on sentence & terrible at grammar in general. This is how I talk & think. I’m an extroverted communicator & love using my hands & body to get my thoughts across – so this will be fun! I hope you enjoy this post & the many more to come covering a variety of topics within the world of creative marketing for you & your business to grow! 

From my perspective, the main reason why so many start-up businesses initially use social media is because they either don’t have money to invest in other levels of advertising so by posting on social they are “keeping busy”… It fools us & makes us feel like we are really working hard to create sales/branding when really we can be more like the hamster in the wheel – working hard & going nowhere. And the other reason is because “it’s what everyone is doing”. This second reason is exactly correct & at the same time…incorrect reason to be using social platforms for your brand.

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Let’s dive into this a little further. 

The main reasons you should be taking advantage of what social media is offering your business is two fold. 1. Everyone you want to sell your product or service to (2+ billion users world-wide)…is spending focused time there. 2. Social Media is one of the only avenues created with a clear opportunity for everyone no matter your bank roll, status, or size – you get the same opportunity as anyone else! Viral is viral…most times it happens to people that aren’t spending any money. Bonus – paid social ads are incredible right now as well – you can spend low amounts & target your exact audience – in your geographical area. But that’s another post for the future!

So, we know everyone is on social & you get a shot just like anyone else to say & show whatever you want to people who might be interested. But the real question isn’t “why should you use social media…” more importantly it’s HOW should you use it. This is the most important – if you don’t understand how – the WHY is irrelevant…in my opinion. And if you don’t use it strategically then you my as well just setup accounts with just your basic contact information listed & don’t waste your time posting for your 12 family members to be annoyed with. 

The goal on HOW is to identify what make your business UNIQUE from other competitors or even from any other companies – and share that! Share it in color, in images, in videos & most importantly…share it consistently. Maybe you’re a windshield repair company that offers free estimates wherever the consumer is…show a video of your team going out of their way to meet the consumer & helping them – or images of different types of windshield breaks & showing which need full replacement vs repair or which ones are covered by insurance etc. You might say, my competitors offer that a well – but are the showing it successfully? 

Or you have a leather goods – hand made product line. How about showcasing your specific creative process? Show from identifying the best leather to cutting, stitching, branding, and hitting the sales floor – show how unique you are in how much you care about every single product. People may not watch the full video – they may not watch it at all…but they will know your product is going to be of the highest quality! These types of steps are what separates you from your competitors. And in the day & age…that might be the single most important thing you can communicate. 

Quit trying to just be as good or better than the competition – spend strategic time identifying what make you unique & very different! This is what will build all new levels of success when it comes to creating effective social media marketing! 

Give quality helpful resources time & time again – then ask people to make an investment or purchase in your product that’ll benefit their life – also ask them to share your stuff! Everyone wants to share something unique, fun, or helpful on social!