The Best Pediatric Dentists In The St. Louis Area

St. Louis, Missouri is truly blessed when it comes to the variety and quality of physicians and other medical resources that make their home here. Pediatric Dentists are no exception to this either. When I began looking for some of the most noteworthy pediatric dentists in the St. Louis area, my first instinct was to begin at St. Louis Children’s Hospital which ranks in at number 5 on a list of Best Pediatric Hospitals in Parents Magazine.

It’s at St. Louis Children’s Hospital where you will find:

Dr. Donald V. Heubener

Dr. Heubener’s office is located inside the hospital on the first floor at 1 Children’s Place in St. Louis, just off of Kingshighway. The office offers routine dental care and also has dentists who specialize in cleft lip and palate issues.

Quite honestly, you won’t find a more kid friendly environment at this office. With all of the bright colors, quirky gadgets and such, you nearly forget you’re in the hospital. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Heubener, call 1-314 454 KIDS.

West County Pediatric Dentistry is where you will find the office of:

Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed.

Dr. Ahmed’s office is located at 956 Kehrs Mill Road in Ballwin, MO, just west of St. Louis. The office is open from 8AM – 6 PM, Monday and Tuesday, 9AM – 5PM on Wednesday and 8:30AM – 2PM on Thursday. You can call 636.527.2779 to reach her office.

Dr. Ahmed has obviously spared little, if any expense to make her office NOT look like a dentist’s office. You are see pictures of her office at

If you live in the North County area, you might want to check out the next dentist in our list:

Dr. Candace Wakefield

Dr. Wakefield’s office is located at 13410 New Halls Ferry Rd. in Florrisant. You can find her website at:

Dr. Wakefield specializes in bonding, cosmetic dentistry, crowns, and pulpal therapy.

The office is open from 9AM – 5PM, Monday and Wednesday, 9AM – 6PM on Tuesday and Thursday and 7AM-Noon on Friday. Some appointments are available on Saturdays as well. You can reach the office at 314-830-9663.

I’ve saved probably the best dentist for last. He’s not exclusively a pediatric dentist but do NOT stop reading here. I am simply not able to locate another dentist within a 50 mile radius who seems to have the reputation and the level of expertise as this dentist does.

After researching and speaking with his staff, I’m confident that the trip to south St. Louis city to see Dr. Duane Keller will be one worth making. I could go on and on about Dr. Keller. However, I won’t.