The Hidden Wiki – What It Is?

Sometimes the best way to find out information is not by Googling it but by looking through a hidden wiki. Wikis have been around for some time now, but a recent trend has seen numerous wiki-style websites popping up that allow you to mine knowledge from many different subjects. 

Some are more focused on specific areas of interest, and others search engines that give you direct links to other related websites and apps. Without any doubt, these wikis can be used for everything from research opportunities to creative endeavors. Many people don’t know what the hidden wiki is and they should go through the following points:-

What is a hidden wiki?

  • A hidden wiki is a website that allows users to create or edit content without being identified by their name or e-mail address. The key to finding hidden wikis is not in the title (i.e., “Wiki”) but rather in the URL.
  • Although there are many reasons to use a wiki, the most incredible value lies in anonymity. Unfortunately, establishing one’s identity is often used to restrict the openness of a particular wiki. 
  • This is either done to prevent spam or because the owners want to identify and block specific users who have previously displayed undesirable behavior. Some wikis, however, choose not to let the user establish an account or do not display any information about the user other than e-mail address and name on their contributions. 
  • By using a hidden wiki, you can post articles or edit existing ones with no restrictions placed on you. In other words, a hidden wiki is an anonymous form of using Wikipedia. However, while Wikipedia is an excellent resource for general information, it does not permit you to post off-topic articles.

Hidden wikis are ideal for use in situations where your opinion is more valuable than information. For example, while the Wikipedia page on sex can be an immense resource of information on the subject, what value would your unique insight have? In this case, you would be better suited to contribute to a hidden wiki.