Three Factors Of Leadership Motivation

In this article, you will be able to learn the three crucial factors of community leadership development when it comes to the motivation of your followers. Effective leaders motivate their followers, but what do you really mean by motivation? What are the factors that motivate leadership?

Let’s find out.


Motivation is the desire to do things. It is providing a reason to act in a certain way (Dictionary form). It is a psychological feature that stimulates an individual to act in his desired goals and objectives.

To be an effective leader is not just by commanding your followers to do their task; it is motivating your followers and inspiring them to do their task.

Yet there are many leaders that fail to motivate their followers. Here are the three factors of leadership motivation that would help you motivate your team members.

  1. Motivation Is By Physical Action.

Motivation denotes physical action. Motivation is not all about the desire to act, but also the acting on your desire. If you want to get the best results then you have to motivate your followers. It is important to communicate with your team members in order to achieve better results.

Communication is essential to success. You must make them believe in what they do and take the action to follow you.

  1. Motivation Is Driven By Emotion.

When motivating your team members, engage their emotions. It would easy for them to be motivated if their heart is there. It is very effective if there is a strong commitment to everything you do. Awards and rewards could increase motivation.

A person who is rewarded with a good job is motivated to work hard. Acknowledgment could also increase an individual’s motivation and commitment to their task. Being acknowledged would let them feel that they are recognized.

  1. Motivation Is Not What Others Do. It’s What Others Do Themselves.

No matter how good we talk and convince others to motivate themselves if they alone are not interested in motivation, then we can’t do anything for that. You can’t just simply ask your team members to motivate.

You can’t motivate anybody to do anything. They can only motivate themselves. You are the motivator and your team members are motivated. So, leaders communicate, they motivate.

Creating an environment that would motivate your team members will help a lot in motivating them to achieve the best results that you desire.

These are the three factors of leadership motivation. A combination of these three will make you an effective leader. A successful leader depends on how you motivate your team members to achieve the best results.

Relating the three factors of leadership motivation and applying them in the right way will assist you well in many powerful ways.