Top 5 Butter Types That You Are Not Aware Of!! 

Butter doesn’t need any introductions; you probably must have some form of butter in your fridge right now. Do you have the 84% butterfat butter that will make a flakey croissant? Do you have the spiced and herbed mango butter that will add an immense boost of delicious flavors to cooked fish or meat? There are so many different flavors available over the market, and you might get overwhelmed by the variety of butter. But you should know that having different foams of butter will assist in running a successful restaurant or bakery. Let us have a look over the top 5 types of butter. 

  • Sweet Cream Butter Or Unsalted Butter

First, one of the purest butter of all as it contains 80% of milkfat, making the butter more versatile for cooking delicious recipes or baking. 

  • Salted Butter 

Salted butter is probably used for baking purposes, but most recipes consider using an unsalted kind of butter. And the prime reason for using unsalted butter over salted one is that it allows you to readjust the recipe seasonings. 

  • Whipped Butter

This butter is most recommended to use for cooking or baking. But it is considered best to use it for finishing dishes or spreading on a toast. One should know that whipped butter contains fewer calories as compared to standard butter. 

  • Cultured Butter Or European Style 

This butter stick contains less moisture and more fat than classic butter and is known for its famous properties, which helps make flaky croissants. You should know cultured butter gives out a tangy flavor as it is made of fermented cream. Similarly, it can also be used for cooking and baking like unsalted butter. 

  • Spreadable Butter 

This butter contains low fat, calories, and saturated fat as compared to other butter or margarine. It has a soft texture making it easier for you to use it for spreading purposes.