Truth Behind the Myths of Usage of Steroids in Bodybuilding

With the onset of the pandemic, many people found themselves with a lot of free time in their hands that they had no idea what to do with; resulting in people dedicating a lot of their time to improving themselves and their hobbies. Within this journey to improve themselves, many started bodybuilding as a way to get back in shape physically – making many realize soon that building a body or any kind of muscle is not an easy feat and may take years to do so.

This is where many turned to steroids as a cheat and supplementary code to their bodybuilding plans. However, steroids themselves are infamous for their side effects, which makes many looks down on the method as well as those who use steroids. The question that arises here is – how profound are those rumors and if they are only myths or do have some scientific backing to prove their truth.

What are steroids?

A steroid is a type of medicine or drug that helps stimulate the growth of muscles, making them ‘bulk up’ in appearance due to the biological changes the steroids introduce in the body. These changes normally initiate due to the hormonal changes the biological component in steroids brings about in the body; these changes include artificial or increase of testosterone due to many steroids acting or mimicking one.

However, since these are artificially introduced into the body and do exist or can be produced naturally in such a short amount of time, steroids are known to cause severe side effects in the user’s body and are highly suggested to only be used upon allowance or advice of the doctors or dietician.

What are the myths about steroids?

Many myths go around in the gyms as well as the professional athletic field that many newcomers listen to and assume as the truth – however, such is not the case. Some such myths that one can hear about steroids are:

  • One can gain muscles only by using steroids. The irony behind this myth is that one cannot build a body only based on steroids; they need to work out and lift heavy weights to gain and retain the shape of their muscles. Thus, this is only a myth with no truth behind it.
  • Steroids increase the size of muscles without giving any actual strength. While one may think of steroids as a ‘cheat code’ to building the body, it is more of a supplement that helps boost one’s energy and metabolism rather than altering muscles directly. Thus, aiding in our workout and giving us the needed strength.
  • Steroids can make you infertile and/or impotent. While the sudden change in hormones of the user is normally while using steroids, it does not change the hormonal constituency of a person. Thus, steroids cannot make someone impotent or infertile unless misused and overdosed without prior permission from the doctors.
  • Steroids are unhealthy for the body. This is a myth that is based on more conservative thinking of the mind than actual science – one that thinks that any supplement to the natural system of the human body is unneeded and dangerous. Steroids, in this case, are neither dangerous nor harmful if taken in moderation and under the doctor’s instruction since the hormonal balance of each person is unique and different.

Are steroids necessary in bodybuilding?

If one wants to build a proper body with six packs and well-defined muscles, then yes, steroids are necessary for bodybuilding. However, the amount one may like to take entirely depends on their opinion and the choice of workout they wish to perform. They can take steroids in the form of pre-workout drinks and energy drinks or even directly pills and medicines. Steroidemeister is one such company that provides steroids for a workout in all forms with proper measurements and transparent ingredients for the benefit of its users.

In the end, steroids are drugs that can be both helpful and harmful given how it is used. Thus, if one does decide to take steroids for their bodybuilding journey, they need to take necessary precautions and the advice of their doctors.