Twitter’s Vine Reaches 40 Million Users, Despite Instagram

Regardless of the competition from Instagram by Facebook, Twitter’s 6-second video app Vine grows to 40 million users. Get more facts and figures on

Only 7 months after Twitter released Vine with a false start, the service for shooting and sharing 6-second looped videos has racked up 40 million registered users.

In this story, I will share some relevant facts and figures on Vine and Instagram, but also on Pinterest and Foursquare.

So marketers that want to impress their CMOs, get the actionable insights in this story.

Launched in late January 2013 on iOS, Vine lets smartphone owners record little video snippets, bit by bit, to create miniature movies.

By the time of its release on Android in June, Vine had attracted 13 million registered users, but an early July update that introduced channels and “revines,” aka shares, raised the profile of emerging Vine stars and allowed videos to go viral

The new Vine user metric demonstrates massive pickup in the past two months and suggests that the application has carved out its own distinct niche in social-media land, and isn’t at risk of falling victim to Instagram’s video offering, as was initially suggested.

So first we thought that Vine was not so fine, but it recovered extremely well.

When blue monster Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in April 2013, Instagram had “only” 30 million users.

Now Instagram has reached a staggering number of 100 million users.

But not all CMOs and brands get it, so continue reading.

To give you a benchmark, SoLoMo service Foursquare passed the 30 million users benchmark at the beginning of 2013.

However, big is only good when smart, and Foursquare could become the intermediating location or check-in layer for the Internet.

Some see Foursquare as ‘ just an App’. Media agencies often tend to do their “murder by numbers” and say Foursquare reach is too small to impress global brands.

In a non-linear world, however, Foursquare could be far beyond ‘just an app’ or mobile media channel only useful to reach people. Foursquare has the potential to become the check-in or location layer for the entire Internet.

Since its launch in March 2013 Pinterest has shown phenomenal growth.

Last month the total number of Pinterest users exceeded the 70 million mark, with an advertising – revenue potential of 2.5 billion page views a month

Even more impressive is the stickiness at the Pinterest platform. What’s so profound about it then?

The average time spent on Pinterest per visit is a staggering 14.2 minutes. The average time spent on Pinterest per user per month is 88 minutes!

Now the stickiness makes Pinterest the trendy restaurant where people spent their time to wine and dine.

Translated into actionable marketing insights? Pinterest is a perfect platform for building brand awareness and engagement.

And by closing the loop, Pinterest could not only fuel branding objectives, but it will also be able to drive business objectives (e-commerce) when smarter See, Like, Buy mechanisms are added by brands.

If this wasn’t yet enough stat porn for you yet, check this mini-infographic from Wishpond on Pinterest below:

But How Do CEOs and CMOs Use Vine and Instagram?

Last year, CEOs were extremely social media-shy. 70% of the Fortune 500 CEOs had no social media presence in 2012; just 7.6% were on Facebook and 1.8% were on Twitter. decided to find out more.

After searching for every FORTUNE 500 CEO on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Wikipedia, blogs, and Pinterest, they captured the findings in below infographic:

How about your CEO and CMO? How active are they actually on social media channels in their business or private lives?

More important: How well do they understand your social media marketing strategy and choices?

After a pretty false start, Vine is now doing fine for Twitter. And 40 million active users in such a short period is a hell of an achievement by the little bluebird.

However, the blue monster Facebook is pushing Instagram towards the limits with 100 million users for Instagram already.

Foursquare with 30 million users looks rather small but could be your strategic long term play if you are into cross-channel retail.

Pinterest with 70 million users could fuel your brand and business objectives.

To CEOs and CMOs that are not active on social media I would like to say: Don’t let your personal (social) media behavior and emotions cloud your marketing judgment.

Don’t stick to N=1 or your personal beliefs, marketing is turning consumer trends and insights into your business benefits.