Ultimate Guide To Ra Program Ideas For Upperclassmen

To become a resident assistant, also recognized as a resident consultant or RA, is a great way to improve personal and professional development by ra program ideas for upperclassmen and save money while in university. In return for assuming the task of monitoring and helping undergrads in local college housing, such as a residence hall, most RAs get free or reduced housing.

Obligations and activities of a RA:

This includes a long list of duties anticipated and unforeseen, including:

Implementing the Division of Residence Life guidelines and regulations, together with those of the department of chow halls, security including college or university management.

Doing routine checks of the room/suite:

“Ground duty,” which could involve having to sign into or out of the residence hall for guests.

Communication on message boards, web forums, social networks or flyers, and in-person experience on the freshman dorm, campus events, and ra program ideas for upperclassmen.

Having routine floor interactions with clients:

Planning to attend weekly RA staff meetings or guiding them. “It was nice to be part of the event venue squad,” remembers Lassiter. “Honestly, this was tight-knit. It felt just like a community. Routing protocol to people and parallel RAs about the strategies and performs of your group.


  • Begin receiving room and board reduced or free.
  • Probably earn pay or a semester’s stipend.
  • Serving tenants and peer team members as a role model.
  • Learn useful skills for your CV as a peer mentor and learn job experience.
  • Study how to interconnect with several types of persons.
  • Gain recognition and act as a liaison among teachers and students as a campus representative.

And though you don’t feel like doing it, being a RA still means being a human person. You’re profitable to have an extensive variety of individuals from dissimilar upbringings to attach with.