US Driver’s License Is Valid But Not Your Car Insurance – Mexican Laws

Every year, plenty of Americans travel to Mexico for business purposes or recreational visits. Those who go by their personal vehicle need Mexican vehicle insurance in case of accidents and emergencies because the US policies are not valid in Mexico. But you don’t need to cancel the trip or choose another transportation option because it is super easy to get temporary and affordable Mexican vehicle insurance these days.

Understand These Points Of Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance In Details 

  • This policy will cover the medical bills and car repairs for you if you get into an accident in Mexico, and you can choose the third-party policy or full coverage.
  • You can file a claim easily if you have insurance in a Mexican insurance company, and an agent will handle the paperwork and other technicalities for you.
  • The policy covers physical damage or theft, or fire-type situations for your vehicle.
  • Bodily injury and property damage come under third-party liability, including their medical expenses.
  • You can also choose for personal and your co-passengers medical expenses and hospital bills etc.

In addition to this, you can add more policies like loan or lease payoff, roadside assistance, medical evacuation, and more. You can consult the agents for proper and in-depth knowledge of such information and add-ons.

Do You Get Mexican Auto Insurance For Rental Cars Too?

Online insurance providers like provide insurance for the rental cars you hire from the USA or Canada. You can avail yourself of the liabilities coverage if required for such vehicles. If you want insurance for the car that you hire from Mexico or which has a Mexican license plate, you can ask your rental service provider for that and get it insured to enjoy a tension-free stay in Mexico.