Why You Should Make Sure To Get Insurance On Your Online Orders

There are many people who ensure that they purchase the insurance option when ordering items on your favourite online store, whether it’s an auction site or popular online store. Then there are also others that tend not to believe in the extra insurance fee because of believing it’s just an extra cost or call it a waste.

Well, I used to not purchase shipping insurance because it was an extra cost and I honestly thought that packages should have been handled with care. Now, I am not a person working for a post office trying to sucker you into spending extra, but after what happened to my package, I thought I should share the experience with you.

I used to collect original film posters and movie memorabilia. Now I had 2 bad prior experiences before with my packages being damaged, but I believed this time, my luck can’t get any worse. However, it did. I finally found an original movie poster I had wanted, which was for one of my favourite movies.

Now, this poster was extremely hard to find, and I am still unable to find another copy of it to this day. I had ordered it from a seller in the UK. With the exchange rate costing quite a bit back than converting the Canadian dollars to Pounds. The insurance was an extra 12 pounds to the cost of the shipping and packaging and the cost of the poster. So I asked the seller how he would be shipping it to me, and assured me that it would have been sent in a sturdy tube, actually he called it “gorilla proof” tube. Anyway, the movie poster was put into an extremely sturdy tube as the seller had stated, and it was hard to crush. I hadn’t purchased the insurance, so when I received it, it was somehow highly damaged. I honestly don’t know how because the tube was sturdy yet it was bent majorly. Both sides of the tube were damaged, meaning the poster was damaged as well. But to think that your package can’t be sent without worrying about it, just plain sucks and is wrong. Something big must have fallen on it, because it would have taken A LOT of pressure to get the tube destroyed like that. When I got to the post office, the postal worker hands it to me as if nothing is wrong and I should have opened it right in front of them. I got home, checked the poster, of course it had been damaged. I complained to the post office for the poor service and lack of handling. Insurance included or not, they should still hand your packages with care! I also told the seller in case he was interested in my case. To date (over 6 months ago) I still have not received a reply from either the post office or seller.

So the next time you order something, think of what happened to my package, and think twice before you don’t consider the insurance option. I always make sure to get the shipping insurance now on whatever I order, if the seller does not offer it, I ask them to find out what it is. When I look at the pictures of the tube, it truly sucks what happened, yet amazes me how stuff like this can happen.