Work From Home Guide Do You Own Your Future

Who owns your future?

Do you think that the economic outlook over the long term is more or less stable in the coming years? Do you think it is more or less expensive and risky for companies to hire salaried employees than it was 5 years ago?

Let’s deal with the first question.

Who Owns Your Future? – Sure, we all like to puff ourselves up and say we do, no matter what our situation. But the truth of the matter is, if you work for somebody else, no matter how good or bad the situation is, you are asking them to provide you with an opportunity. You are also trusting them to make the right decisions for your future. Most people don’t necessarily think about it like that, because that is a disturbing thought, but it is nonetheless true. You can be the best employee, the hardest worker, a genius….and none of that matters if the company you are working for goes under, downsizes, or just decides they don’t like you or want to pay you anymore. Once you read the Entre Institute review you will find that the fact of life is, a company only wants you as long as it perceives its interests are served by keeping you. When it decides that is no longer true, for whatever reason, you are gone.

Do you think the economic outlook over the long term is more or less stable in the coming five years?- Let me share a quote with you that I saw just recently from the US Federal Reserve from late November 2010. “The Federal Reserve expects unemployment to remain high over the next couple of years, hovering between 8.9% and 9.1% next year”. This is a remarkable quote from the leading economic institution of the U.S. This is on top of an unemployment rate that has been very high for the last two years already.

So what this quote is really saying, is that we are staring at almost five years of extremely high unemployment when all is said and done. Why? Simply put, the world has changed, and we haven’t figured out how to adapt. I’ll share this additional quote from Paul Dales, an economist with Capital Economics…” The increase in the long-term unemployment rate forecast…..acknowledges structural, as well as cyclical factors are keeping unemployment high”. Folks, “structural factors” is just another way of saying that many of the jobs that have disappeared aren’t coming back because they were provided by companies that made money by utilizing the free-flowing credit of an era that rapidly disappeared. How we are going to replace those jobs is anybody’s guess.

Do you think it is more or less expensive and risky for companies to hire salaried employees than it was 5 years ago? Look, hiring a salaried, ‘W-2″ employee nowadays is riskier for companies than it has ever been. It’s just another reason that jobs aren’t coming back (see #2). New regulations constantly being produced by the government in the interest of protecting workers often have the opposite effect, by not giving them jobs in the first place because the amount of red-tape each business must comply with is so dense, complicated, and hard to fathom that many companies would just as soon delay hiring as long as possible. Consequently, when an employee does get hired, the incentive for the company to squeeze as much work as possible out of each hire is much greater, because that employee cost them much more to bring on than the same person would have even 10 years ago. I’m sure you are familiar with how it goes….long hours, no lunches, no breaks…stay late, cause if you don’t, you never know what could happen.

So what is the solution? Fortunately for you, many of the same “structural” factors that have created today’s employee troubles have also created tremendous opportunities for today’s aspiring entrepreneurs. Now, you as an individual have the opportunity to create a real income stream by leveraging the same technology for yourself.

It is easier now than it has ever been in the history of mankind to start a business utilizing tools you already have, namely a computer and your brain, to make money online with little or no upfront cost. Unlike many business segments, the predictability of the internet’s growth curve over the next 10 years is about as sure a bet as you can get. In the last 15 years, the Internet has gone from zero to almost 2 billion people online. That’s almost 1/3 of the planet! That leaves 4 billion more to go. So you do the math! It only makes sense that if you have a pie that continues to get bigger, more people will be able to grab a piece. All those people coming online are looking for something, either information, products, or both. You can be the one who provides that to them, and you can get started for a very low upfront cost, usually under $100.

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Not sure about it? That’s okay, I wasn’t either at first. Everyone needs to become comfortable in their own time. Check out this site, look around, and do your research. If you are motivated to find a way out of the ‘employee trap’, I know you’ll be back.